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How Hypnosis Will Help People With Panic Attacks

Pains in the chest and shortness of breath are quite common with panic attacks, but are obviously quite distressing for most people, because they could be something more important. There are many reasons why someone may have an anxiety attack. Following medical studies it is now known that stress is one of the greatest factors that cause panic attacks, including being in circumstances that cause anxiety and panic. Regrettably, people can undergo anxiety attacks suddenly and for no apparent reason. It is thought that a panic attack is brought on by the body’s own fight or flight response, where adrenaline is prompted, preparing the body to defend itself in a threatening situation.

Panic attacks cause avoidance behaviours which can limit the person's life. The fear of the panic attack happening again can create high levels of anxiousness. You may even find yourself avoiding going to certain locations where you fear may trigger a panic attack, and many people become isolated because they are afraid to go out at all. Panic attacks can thus reduce confidence, create further panic, and depression can frequently set in due to this persistent worrying. Anxiety and Panic Attacks are not only very distressing for the individual; they can also have a bearing on those closest to them. 1 in 10 of us will undergo anxiety and panic attacks in our lifetime. Having a panic attack often naturally increases your belief that you may have another one soon, causing continuous feelings of fear.

Health care professionals can prescribe medication to assist with panic and stress; however this only helps with the signs and symptoms not the cause. A hypnotic approach for panic attacks aims to eradicate entirely the underlying issues generating the individual’s panic and anxiety attacks. Hypnosis for panic disorder and anxiety can bring about favourable behavioural changes by improving the thought processes of the subconscious mind. Triggers for panic disorder can be managed and for many people removed altogether.

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