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Success Stories

All client consultations are confidential and any stories on this site have been used with the clients permission.20/04/22

Sleep Issue

I came to see Gayle for help with insomnia which I had been suffering with for 16 years. Although I was pretty skeptical about hypnotherapy, I felt I had nothing to lose as I had tried just about everything else without any success. Gayle was very reassuring about the whole process and spent a good amount of time understanding the issues I was facing as well as explaining to me what would happen during the hypnotherapy. After the second session, I immediately found that I was sleeping much better - in fact way better than I had slept in the last 16 years - and not a sleeping tablet in sight. The part that surprised me most was the extent to which I came to an understanding of the reasons why I wasn't sleeping through talking through the issues with Gayle. The actual hypnotherapy section clearly worked magic on my brain, but I also now have a much better insight into what was driving my insomnia and other unhelpful behaviours and I'm able to take steps to address them to improve my overall well being. I'd highly recommend talking to Gayle if you are considering hypnotherapy. I no longer dread bedtime or fear waking up in the night and being unable to get back to sleep - I wish I had done it years ago!"

Louise H. 19/04/22

Fear of dentist needles

Gayle was recommended to me by a friend who'd suffered from anxiety. My 16 old son had a phobia of needles and needed 4 teeth removed to allow for him to have braces. I tried everything to get him to the dentist but no amount of threats or persuasion would get him there. Two yes two sessions with Gayle found this 6'2" teenager lying on the dentists chair like he was lying by the pool on a summer holiday. Amazed doesn't come close. Thank you so much and if he makes it in the music industry as he wants, he'll dedicate his straight teeth to you.

Thanks Sam

Weight Loss

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for our sessions and my hypnoband. As you know I lost 10lbs during our sessions and I have now lost just over a stone and am extremely happy!! Bring on Christmas!! You have helped me realise that I can enjoy what I eat and still lose weight. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy and the hypnoband to all looking to lose weight and gain confidence


Fear of Skiing on holiday

Just dropping you a line to let you know that the skiing holiday went great, I could not believe how much I enjoyed it and how much more confidence I had,

even my Husband couldn't believe how good I could ski !! I knew it was in there somewhere!! I even skied to the other resort via the mountain in foggy conditions and visibility only up to ten feet, something I would not have done in the past, as I would have just gone back down in the lift !! I amazed myself !!!

So I would just like to say a "Big Thank You" for helping me overcome the fear and installing my confidence



Weight Loss with Hypno-Band

At first I was very sceptical. Weighing 22stone13 pounds and having tried every diet going. I really enjoyed my time with Gail. It was like talking to a friend. After having my Hypno-Band fitted, I am now exercising on a regular basis. I still enjoy my food, but it no longer rules my life. I am in total control of what I want to eat. It is now 3 months since I first started and I have lost 4 stone 2 pounds. I am still losing weight weekly and have 3 stone to go to reach my target weight. Loving life

Frank - Barry (update Frank has now lost 8 stone )

Fear of Public Speaking

Just a quick email to update you on how things went today. Since seeing you last and knowing that my preparation was complete I did not really think much about today's presentations until yesterday. Both Tuesday evening and this morning I was slightly apprehensive but absolutely nothing like I have experienced in the past. This mornings presentation went extremely well and it was the most comfortable I have ever felt whilst talking in front of the group. If there had been more to say, I could have continued for quite a while longer. I was calm, expressed myself perfectly, my hands never shook once and my voice did not shake once.

There is absolutely no doubt that seeing you has had a huge impact on the way I conducted today's meeting and the way in which I have been expressing myself in general recently. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for your help, today, things were perfect !! (I'm still querying how it could possibly have gone so well !)

Mr B - Chepstow

Fear of Frogs

Client Issue - Extreme Fear of Frogs

I’m just giving you a quick update about my evening at the golf club.

I drove there, parked and didn’t give a thought to what I had done until I was at the bar. It was hammering with rain and I would normally have sat fretting, trying not to cry and the thought of having to get back to the car but again, the thought didn’t cross my mind. I went back out to the car on my own and only had a cold shiver as I drove out of the grounds, when I consciously thought of it.

How impressive is that ?

Thanks ever so much. I am amazed!! I’m astonished at the difference and can't thank you enough!! Mrs K - Pontypool

Weight Loss with Hypno-Band

I am in my fifties and have spent over 30 years going to slimming clubs and trying many diets. I lost weight whilst I was on a diet but as soon as I stopped, the weight just came back on plus some more.

After seeing Gayle and having a Hypno-Band fitted, I have lost a stone in just over six weeks. More importantly, I am no longer on a diet and have finally realised that I am now in control. I no longer live to eat.

I have quite a few stone to lose but I am now confident that I will lose all my weight as I no longer focus on food and know there is no quick fix. I aim to lose 2lb per week.

Thank you Gayle for all your help. I would recommend this to anyone who has, like me, tried everything.

Mrs E from Cwmbran

Weight Loss with Hypno-Band

"Since having my Hypno-band surgery with Gayle, I have lost 15.5 pounds and with the exception of one week I am continuing to lose weight every week. The steady weight loss is working very well for me, I am not hungry nor am I obsessing about food. My life goes on, I go out with friends as before, including eating meals out even with desserts!

For me the main change has been learning not to overeat, this has been a lifelong problem for me & one that I always regret after the event. I have tried so many diets and whilst they do work when I stick to them the inevitable always happens and the weight plus extra each time goes back on.

This time, I'm not on a diet so it is different. I am learning to serve smaller portions & even leave food on my plate, I feel liberated and no longer feel guilty about not clearing my plate.

Thank you Gayle, you made the whole experience so easy and relaxed & I firmly believe that you've broken my food obsession forever.

'Helen from Barry' 

Weight Loss with Hypno-Band

Hi Gayle. Just a quick note to thank you again for the Hypno-Band course which I recently completed. It has helped me tremendously in getting back into my weight loss regime, which has been boosted even more by my loss of 29lbs in the six weeks since our first session. I am now extremely focused on maintaining my rate of loss, and will keep in touch as the months go by to give you an update. Once again, many thanks for your guidance and support. With best wishes. Phil.

Weight Loss with Hypno-Band

Just a few lines to explain what it was like to go and get hypnotised to lose weight.

I am a 60 year old male who is very obese and I have tried every diet and tablet it is possible to get and have never lost weight so going and meeting Gayle for hypnosis was my last hope before having surgery for the gastric band. When I met Gayle she was honest about everything and put me at ease straight away with no pressure, I have read about the hypnoband and thought Gayle was very reasonable with the price and I thought I would try it, I was shocked when I realised that it was nothing like the tv and when you are hypnotised you still know what is happening all the time and I thought this cannot work but I followed everything Gayle told me and after the third session I left thinking this will never work as I know I haven't had the operation but after a few weeks I have lost about two stone and my life has changed I can walk better, Breathe better and I feel better and for my last session I wore trousers that were four to five inches too small for me a few weeks earlier, So all I can say is it does work so Thank you Gayle you have given me hope and I eat sensibly now and have a fresh outlook on life.                         

Weight Loss with Hypno-Band

I've been trying to lose weight for ages but found it really hard. After reading so much about the Hypnoband I thought I would give it a go as it's much cheaper than having a real Gastric band and no surgery is involved!

I found the hypnotherapy very relaxing and after my third session I had the Gastric band fitted.

A month on I've lost over a stone in weight and I am eating half the amounts of food I used to eat and I'm not that hungry.

I would highly recommend having a Hypno-Band

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