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From Fear of Flying to Flying lesson

 I was contacted by a young lady named Charlotte. Charlotte was having real difficulties with her fear of flying. Apart from interfering with her travelling to go abroad on holiday, which really put a dampener on the start and end of her holiday, Charlotte had also had to fly on a regular basis between South Wales and Scotland in the course of her job, not something she could avoid. So not only the flight but the lead up to the flight became a time for extreme anxiety her.

Over the following few weeks Charlotte attended appointments with me, to work on her fear of flying. During these one to one sessions, I worked with her using primarily Hypnotherapy, but also counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and EFT.

Now here we are and Charlotte has not only overcome her Fear of flying but she has taken her first flying lesson ! 

Here's what Charlotte had to say about it - "I can't believe I've gone from being so petrified to get on a plane I used to cry and be sick, and once tried to get them to land a plane in the Atlantic because I was having a panic attack...., to actually having a go at flying one!! And really enjoyed it!!! Definitely going back for more. All thanks to Gayle Vaatstra"

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