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Hypnotherapy can be one of the most sustainable ways to Stop Smoking forever.

Do you really need anymore reason than this, to give up Smoking ?

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The Harmful Effects of Smoking

A video of the harmful effects of smoking. This video was created for my senior presentation. Enjoy!P.S. DON'T SMOKE!Special thanks to jipacek for many of the clips used throughout my video!

Many men and women who try to stop smoking cigarettes find that it’s one of the most difficult challenges they have faced. Some smokers overcome their addiction through sheer determination on its own; however many other people find that this strategy just may not work for them. Some try to apply motivation to beat an addiction, many find they are unsuccessful as this method relies primarily on the conscious mind, instead of working at the root of the matter, which sits in the subconscious mind. As the driving forces from the subconscious are often unknown to us, this can make the resolve technique a little like playing darts in the dark - you might get lucky, but the odds are stacked against you. Understanding the root cause of your cigarette addiction could greatly help your likelihood of packing it in. For instance, do you use cigarette smoking whenever you feel under pressure, or do you simply feel that you need something to keep you entertained ? Understanding the actual cause of your habits might make it easier to know which actions to take to get rid of them. Honesty can be important; perhaps you’ve tried to give up smoking countless times previously, and now it’s time for you to acknowledge that you may need some assistance.

Why is hypnosis so effective for cigarette smokers?  

Hypnotherapy is much more successful for many smokers than Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) treatment alone; this is likely to be because nicotine addiction plays a minor role in a person’s overall smoking cigarettes habit. To successfully free somebody from their smoking habit, the subconscious mind needs to be taken into consideration.

This is why hypnosis can be so useful  

The power of positive suggestion can be utilised by the hypnotherapist after they’ve eased the individual into a state of deep relaxation. The therapist uses this opportunity to form new thought patterns within the mind about smoking. For example, they may influence the client with beliefs that cigarettes might make their mouth dry up, or that cigarette smoke might smell like car fumes. The person remains alert and attentive all through the treatment; however, the subconscious has become engaged and empowered, and therefore the new ideas and imagery have already been more powerfully planted compared to what they would be in normal conversation. 

Is Hypnotherapy really going to help me?  

Of course everyone is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all in terms of therapeutic techniques. Yet countless people have found a hypnotic approach to be an extremely positive journey, often feeling more constructive after a session.

Hypnotherapists have effectively helped a good number of smokers overcome their addiction. However, for a hypnotic approach to fully work, an individual must genuinely wish to give up. Through using both the conscious mind and the subconscious, your odds of quitting are vastly improved, meaning greater health and a healthier purse at the end of each month.

Do you want a healthier & wealthier future as a

Natural Non Smoker

or just allow your health to continue to deteriorate to the point where you wont be able to be there for your family & friends ?

It's your choice !

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Stop Smoking for good !!

Sucking many poisons into your body through

a tube !

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